Residents had a wonderful February, spending a good amount of time at their ‘Corner Bar.’ They also had a Marshmallow Monday, where they played a few fun games, ate marshmallow balls and had a taste test. We’d like to thank the following people and organizations for their generous donations to the bar!

  • Lynne Marshall and Marilyn Scotti Mcewen-Kochheiser in Fernandina Beach, FL for the white and black Corner Bar sign
  • Morningside staff member Julie Fuerstenberg for the wood Corner Bar sign
  • Morningside staff member Angie Richardson for the Jack Daniel’s light
  • Charlie and Tweet Leibfried in Potosi for the Potosi Corner Bar jacket [Tweet’s dad Gibby owned the Corner Bar in Potosi!]
  • Potosi Brewing Company for the two cases of delicious Good Old Potosi Beer
  • King’s X-Dallas (Dallas, Texas) owners Brant, Brandon, Dustin, Derek, David and Thomas for the t-shirts
  • Schurman’s Downtown Liquor for the basket full of goodies
  • Josh Wege & Jack Jones of the USA Patriots Amputee Softball Team for the recurring wine bottles
  • Staff Sergeant Darcy of Boscobel, neighbor of a staff member for the bottle of wine
  • Pat Schlesner, Morningside Red Hat Society volunteer, for three bottles of wine and some Pringles

Wow! We are overwhelmed with all of the love from all over the country. Heartfelt thanks to all who have donated or shared our story. We sincerely appreciate it! To view photos, please click on the web album.