The seniors participated in a variety of wonderful activities throughout March. They had fun throwing snowballs on a sunny day, dressed up in cute glasses for Easter, took a virtual tour of Devil’s Lake with the UW Geology Museum, and learned about past history events. One resident revealed that she lived through The Great Smethport Rain of 1942 that they learned about – how interesting! Thanks to community members Luann Kratochwill and Barb Fishnick for supplying residents with delicious Girl Scout Cookies as well. What a yummy treat! Another thanks to all who have been continuing to donate to the Corner Bar. We’ve received our first dollar, glasses from the Corner Tavern, cheese curds, snacks for the bar, and even wine and Russel Stover candies for both residents and staff. We sincerely appreciate everyone’s kindness and continued support of our building and the Corner Bar! To view photos from March’s activities, please click on the web album.