July 1st was National Postal Worker Day, so activity director Chris Fiedler invited Deb Murray, a Lancaster Postal Worker, to come in and give a presentation for the seniors.  She showed many different varieties of stamps and explained the cost difference of stamps from years ago until now, and shared some stories of a couple harrowing encounters she had with dogs throughout the years!  Later that day, stamp collector Jan Staskal also gave a presentation for residents.  She has over a million stamps and brought in some pretty unique ones to show.  The cook at Morningside made some delicious cinnamon twists for Deb to take back to all the postal workers in appreciation for all they do.  What thoughtful ideas!  Many thanks to both Deb and Jan for sharing their time and talents with us, and to all Postal Workers everywhere for all you do!  To view photos, please click on the web album.