Residents had a wonderful September filled with some great activities. Local fisherman Marty Mayne and Mike Meighan came to cook delicious boneless catfish for the seniors one Friday afternoon. Marty and Mike also have family connections to Morningside. The fish was so delicious that residents want them to come back each Friday! National Assisted Living Week was celebrated as well from September 12th – 18th. Special activities during that week included UTV rides from the River Lane Riders, ice cream from the Vesperman Farm’s Ice Cream Truck, entertainment by Larry Busch, and coffee from Bob & Lou’s Coffee Camper. Thanks to Zippy’s Brass Rail for delivering their famous burgers and to Dan Fiedler for donating large pumpkins he grew in his garden to the building! We appreciate all of the generosity from the community during Assisted Living Week! To view photos, please click on the web album.